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Homefirst Builders Guarantee

Builtin 10 Year Building Guarantee

3Dimensional Builders is a member of the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand. Members are obliged to apply to Builtin New Zealand Ltd for a ten-year written guarantee when undertaking to build a new home. They are not required to apply for the guarantee, but can offer to do so, for alterations and additions.

The guarantee gives the new homeowner additional reassurance and belief in the quality of the workmanship provided by their Certified Builder.

If a contract is not completed for some reason, Builtin New Zealand Ltd will encourage the builder to remedy the problem and, if necessary, appoint another Certified Builder to do so, and the written guarantee will cover or contribute significantly to the cost.

Where the Certified Builder is the head contractor, the guarantee covers materials and work completed by the Certified Builder and the sub-contractors engaged by him, subject to the limitations and exclusions in the guarantee agreement.

How do I obtain a Homefirst Builders Guarantee?

3 Dimensional Builders will help you lodge an application for a guarantee with Builtin New Zealand Ltd at the time the contract is completed, and before construction begins. After Builtin New Zealand Ltd approves the application, it will send the owner a Construction Period Certificate and written confirmation that the guarantee is accepted.

When the construction and contractual obligations are completed, a 10-Year Guarantee Certificate will be issued.

What are the obligations of the owner and the builder under the guarantee?

there are a number of obligations under the guarantee including the building contract, compliance with the building code, notification of claims, maintenance of the dwelling or works, mitigation of any damage or loss, as approved by Builtin New Zealand Ltd. Full details and obligations of the builder and owner are set out in the written guarantee document.

Who is Builtin New Zealand Ltd?

Builtin New Zealand Ltd provides the support and administrative services for the provision of the Homefirst Builders Guarantee to Certified Builders. The guarantee itself is underwritten by Contractors Bonding Ltd, which is New Zealand's largest and longest-established specialist bonding, financial risk and surety company. Since its establishment in 1973, Contractors Bonding Ltd has developed and expanded its business into several specialist surety and insurance underwriting markets, both locally and internationally.

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